Updated Photo Schedule for 17U/16U NTIS

NTIS Updated Photo Schedule 8 25

10:00 AM North Atlantic 17U 10:00 AM South Texas 17U
10:30 AM Ohio Valley 17U 10:30 AM Great Lakes 16U
11:00 AM South Florida 16U 11:00 AM Capital 16U
11:30 AM North Florida 16U 11:30 AM Midwest 16U
12:00 PM South Texas 16U 12:00 PM Ohio Valley 16U
12:30 PM South Florida 17U 12:30 PM North Texas 17U
1:00 PM Stars 16U 1:00 PM Mid-Atlantic 17U
1:30 PM Capital 17U 1:30 PM SoCal 17U
2:00 PM Great Lakes 17U 2:00 PM North Atlantic 16U
2:30 PM NorCal 17U 2:30 PM Mid-Atlantic 16U
3:00 PM NorCal 16U 3:00 PM North Texas 16U
3:30 PM Mountain West 17U 3:30 PM Northwest 17U
4:00 PM 4:00 PM
4:30 PM Southwest 16U 4:30 PM Northwest 16U
5:00 PM Stars 17U 5:00 PM North Florida 17U
5:30 PM 5:30 PM
6:00 PM Mountain West 16U 6:00 PM SoCal 16U
6:30 PM Southwest 17U 6:30 PM Midwest 17U

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